Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still Day 2

Eleven hours of driving got us from Sturbridge, Mass. to Lexington, Va. We negotiated the great eastern megalopolis that now seems to extend from Hartford to Southern Pennsylvania, replete with narrow construction-riven roads that feel more like luge runs and open six-lane plains of road. Because I was asleep at the switch, or failed to trust Google maps completely, or both, I missed the turn for I-684 and we went a little too far north toward Albsny. The necessitated a dive down New York's Taconic Parkway. This road appears to have first been a deer path, then a way for 1930s era state legislators and borough bigwigs to wend their way to Albany and back. Though it is scenic and runs through straight up Ichabod Crane country, Eli cracked me up when he saw a sign for "rough road." "They think we need to be told that?" he queried.

We drove through rain dramatic enough for me to pull off in Chambersburg, Penn. and check the weather with the WiFi at Panera. It made me pine for the days of AM radio. Yes, between Twitter, radar, WeatherUnderground's great severe weather page, I found that we were far from any actual tornadoes and the weather on top of us was the worst of it. Still, I remember the days of local radio well enough to know that I preferred being able to turn on the car radio with the confidence that if there were anything scary happening the local DJ would make sure everyone knew about it.

One thing that kept us calm through it all is an audiobook version of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief." Diverting, lush and informative. Eli liked it too.

Eli took some photos from the car.
Coming to the Tappan Zee Bridge from the east

Looking north from the Tappan Zee

We wait out the tornado warnings at the local Panera in Chambersburg, Penn.

Too wet to eat outside
The sun breaks through

I'll get more pix up tomorrow. My battery is moribund and I'm beat city.


  1. Great. The narrative and the photos are fabularoni. Makes me smile to follow along. Just tweeted about suddenly realizing it's Saturday night and I'm alone with my Tweety-box, and fine with that. Being able to vicariously join you two makes this all the more fun. Today first day without any pain killer- trending better fur sure. G'nite,

  2. Hey! Day 5 now isn't it? Loyal reader looking for next chapter in Eli Epic Expedition.

    Me: How's Eli?

    Someone: He's Great!




  3. Eli: I'm thinking of you as your birthday approaches. Watch the mail at your Alna home. I love you!